Increasing the range of electric vehicles remains one of the biggest challenges in the automotive industry. So 38 partners from 3 EU-funded projects organised a one-day event to share their insights on the latest trends and technologies to improve energy efficiency in electric vehicles.

One hundred participants got together during this informative day, on November 24, 2016, in Bologna, Italy. They learned what the European Commission is doing for electric mobility;  they got a unique insight into the latest research and development on energy management in electric vehicles thanks to a great mix of top-notch speakers; they grew their network and established new contacts for collaborations thanks to a session of bilateral meetings.

The OPTEMUS project contributed with 3 presentations:

  • Alois Steiner (Virtual Vehicle Research Center): OPTEMUS project: Leveraging low energy consumption and energy harvesting
  • Andrés Caldevilla (DENSO): Preconditioning and Human Machine Interface
  • Felix Weidmann (Fraunhofer): How to create a micro-climate around the passengers to dispense with climatizing the entire cabin