The Twelft International Conference on Ecological Vehicles and Renewable Energies (EVER) was held between April 11-13 in Monaco. The OPTEMUS team was well represented at the EVER Conference with the following presentations:

  • Gero Mimberg (IKA, RWTH Aachen): “Battery Concept to Minimize the Climate-Related Reduction of Electric Vehicles Driving Range”
  • Alois Steiner (Virtual Vehicle Research Center): “Reducing the Energy Consumption for Comfort and Thermal Conditioning in EVs”
  • Felix Weidmann (Fraunhofer): “Insulating Sandwich Housing Structures for the Thermal Management of Battery Packs”
  • Andres Caldevilla (DENSO): “Efficient Cabin and Powertrain¬†¬† Preconditioning for EVs with a Water-to-Water Heat Pump