As strongly encouraged by the european commission, OPTEMUS joined the so called “GV2-cluster” where together with the two european projects “JOSPEL” and “XERIC” joint activities have been organised. The topic of the cluster is “Optimised and systematic energy management in electric vehicles”.


Next October 25th, CTAG will host the JOSPEL workshop in O Porriño – Pontevedra, Spain. Partners from the 3 EU-funded projects XERIC, OPTEMUS and JOSPEL will present their latest innovations and technologies to improve energy efficiency in electric vehicles.



Please find below further information for “JOSPEL” and “XERIC”:


The aim of JOSPEL project is the development of a novel energy efficient climate system for the optimization of interior temperature control management in electrical vehicles through an integrated approach. The Joules and Peltier effects (which comprises the JOS-PEL name) are two of the pillars of the technologies that will be developed in the project.


XERIC’s obejective is to develop an energy-friendly climate-control system to extend the range capability of electric vehicles in all weather conditions. Therefore, a hybrid air conditioning system where a new three-fluids-combined membrane contactor dehumidifies the air is used.

XERIC, JOSPEL and OPTEMUS organised three public workshops:

Further, the three projects appeared together in the same session of the ERTRAC-EGVIA conference, the 1st European Conference on Results from Road Transport Research in H2020 projects and applied together to the Common Dissemination Booster.