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May 2019

Graz Symposium Virtual Vehicle 2019

Gero Mimberg (RWTH Aachen) has led the round table session „Design Optimization of Li-Ion-Battery Modules for use as Thermal Storage” at the Graz Symposium Virtual Vehicle 2019 (Austria).

September 2018

3D Cabin Model incl. Virtual Comfort Dummy finalized

The 3D cabin model including the virtual comfort dummy was finalized by ESI. It enables detailed investigations of the temperature and velocity field as well as the comfort sensation in the cabin for different use cases. The following video gives insights how the results can be examined on a tablet:

OPTEMUS_ESI Group Thermal Comfort V02_HD

June 2018

General Assembly and Review Meeting in Paris

The OPTEMUS General Assembly and Review Meeting 2018 was successfully conducted on 6. and 7. of June at IFPEN in Paris.

April 2018

Presentation of DENSO poster at the TRA 2018

Andrés Caldevilla showed the efforts from DENSO in the OPTEMUS project on the Transport Research Arena (TRA) 2018 in Vienna with more than 1500 attendants.

EVER Conference 2018 in Monaco

Antonio Sciarretta presented the paper “Thermal Management Optimization of a Heat-Pump-Based HVAC System for Cabin Conditioning in Electric Vehicles” at the Thirteenth International Conference on Ecological Vehicles and Renewable Energies (EVER) in Monaco.

February 2018

Thermal Management for EV and HEV Conference (Berlin)

The presentation “Increasing the Electric Drive Range of EVs and PHEVs through New Concepts of Thermal Conditioning for ePT Systems and Cabin” was shown by Walter Ferraris (CRF) at the Thermal Management for EV and HEV Conference, which was held on 13-15 February 2018 in Berlin.

January 2018

Publication in the ATZ 2018/01

Alois Steiner (Virtual Vehicle Research Center), Gero Mimberg (RWTH Aachen University), Felix Weidmann (Fraunhofer) and Andrés Caldevilla (DENSO) published an Article with the title “Using a Traction Battery as Thermal Storage” in the german automotive magazine “ATZ”. In there, the advantages of the OPTEMUS technologies compact refrigeration unit (CRU), preconditioning and the battery as thermal […]

September 2017

General Assembly Meeting in Salerno, Italy

The OPTEMUS General Assembly meeting 2017 was successfully conducted on 27. and 28. of September at the University of Salerno in Italy.

August 2017

Springer Book Comprehensive Energy Management

The Springer book “Comprehensive Energy Management – Eco Routing & Velocity Profiles” with contributions from IPFEN and the Virtual Vehicle Research Center (Editors Bernhard Brandstätter and Daniel Watzenig, both Virtual Vehicle Research Center) was published in 2017.

June 2017

IEEE International Conference on Clean Electrical Power in Santa Margherita Ligure, Italy

Giovanni Spagnuolo (UNISA) gave an oral presentation entitled “Experimental Evaluation of a MPPT Technique for Electrical Mobility PV Applications” at the IEEE conference “ICCEP-2017” (IEEE International Conference on Clean Electrical Power) in Santa Margherita Ligure (Italy) (June 27-29). It was focused on the main contributions from UNISA to the OPTEMUS project in terms of design, […]